Workplace Diversity
General Manager - Whataburger 1243 (Magnolia, AR)

General Manager - Whataburger 1243 (Magnolia, AR)

locationUnited States
PublishedPublished: 1/2/2024
Tourism / Hospitality / Leisure
Full Time

As a General Manager, you'll put your professional and personal skills to work as you manage an entire restaurant. You'll be responsible for bringing the most out of the Managers, Team Leaders and Team Members that work for you as they deliver excellence again and again to our customers. Being a Manager at Whataburger is an incredibly important job. You'll serve as both a restaurant leader and a team member. You'll work hard to serve the customers in your restaurant and to make each individual on your team reach their fullest potential.


  • Family Members
  • They are an essential part of our Whataburger Family and will be treated as such.When the family members are happy and love their job then our customers will love coming to our restaurants.
  • Customer Service
  • Make sure that all customers are leaving "Highly Satisfied"
  • Perform table touches and make sure that the customers know that their business is greatly appreciated.
  • Food Prep & Delivery
  • Whataburger strives to "Serve the Highest Quality Product" each and every time a food item leaves the back line.


  • Ensure Quality Standards
  • No expired product
  • No "Hold to Sold"
  • Communicate Issues with Area Manager
  • Maintain Cleaning and Sanitation Procedures
  • 2 Boil outs a week
  • Filter every 12 hours
  • No clutter anywhere – everything in place
  • All dry storage shelving on wheels – moved In/Out when needed
  • Family members constantly cleaning, even when it looks clean
  • Dumpster area spotless
  • Grease bin –maintained
  • Manager should have schedule submitted to you by 3p.m. Wednesday
  • Food Ordering
  • Approve all orders for Sygma and Flowers
  • Overall Management of Restaurant
  • Requires min employees per shift even on low volume (will be discussed with Area Manager)
  • Any employees that does not meet all uniform standards, including all management will be sent home, no exception.
  • GM work schedules will vary to what's needed within the unit.
  • Request for Holiday weekend must be approved by your supervisor prior to scheduling.
  • Deposits must be taken to the bank Three (3) a day. No exceptions!
  • New hires must have all paperwork (Emcentrix completion, back office, food handlers card) prior to receiving a uniform.

Always have a positive attitude. A simply "Hi" to your employees can change their attitude for the better.

  • Effective communication skills
  • Must be able to remain calm during a stressful time and keep the employees at ease
  • Responsible
  • Uniform must be presentable
  • Personable with employees
  • Able to motivate employees
  • Give the employees something to strive for
  • Ability to listen
  • Must be open minded
  • Must inspire
  • Must create unity
  • Focus on the job at hand
  • Willingness to learn