Workplace Diversity
Hospitality Coordinator

Hospitality Coordinator

locationColumbus, OH, USA
PublishedPublished: 12/8/2023
Project Management / Professional Services
Full Time
Compensation Type: SalariedCompensation: $37,440.00

Job Summary

The Hospitality Coordinator is essential in the operational aspect of the retail outlets in Mitchell Hall. As a station expert, the Hospitality Coordinator supports secondary instruction to students who are placed in an experiential learning environment, and works closely with hospitality students in the areas of serving,
hosting, dining room set-up and operation, customer service, and point-of-sale operations. The Hospitality Coordinator is responsible for monitoring, evaluating, and correcting students in their learning experience, ensuring students utilize acquired skills in a practical setting. The Hospitality Coordinator will provide regular feedback to the hospitality faculty and department Chair, in both formal and informal meetings, to communicate progress in meeting student learning outcomes.


  • Monitor every form of service that is being rendered to customers within the restaurant/establishment, attend to or addresses all customer issues, and maintain customer satisfaction at all times.
  • Greet and usher in customers to the dining area and introduce (or explain if the need arises) all menus.
  • Adhere to the restaurant’s/establishment’s operation and/or service standards, make sure that a clean and healthy dining area is maintained at all times, and comply with nutrition and sanitation regulations and safety standards.
  • Oversee inventory of all dining room products and make sure items are stocked as necessary.
  • Maintain a positive and professional approach with coworkers and customers.
  • Train, guide, and support hospitality students that are assigned to the dining room or café.
  • Evaluate student performance and communicate with faculty as necessary.
  • Provide guidance and enforce the hospitality departments mission, policies, and procedures.

Student Engagement

  • Serve as the station expert and engage students in a participatory instructional style as part of the experimental learning experience.
  • Lead and monitor students in the reception area, dining room, café, bar, service station, event center and dish tank.
  • Provide hands-on real time instruction and feed back to students.
  • Complete student evaluations in a timely manner.


  • Completes student evaluations as outlined by department chairperson.
  • Attends all required meetings to provide feedback on student learning outcome goals.
  • Attends all required trainings and workshops.
  • Communicates frequently with the faculty, department chair, and retail operations staff on the needs of students as they fulfill their learning requirements.

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion – Ongoing

  • Helps to ensure the College meets its responsibility in identifying areas of opportunity and systemic concerns while reporting complaints alleging discrimination.
  • Creates a welcoming, inclusive, equitable, and productive work and learning environment where all students, faculty members, and college employees feel valued and able to contribute to their full potential, regardless of their differences.
  • Fosters and maintains a safe environment of respect and inclusion for faculty, staff, students, and members of the community.

Minimum Qualifications

  • High school diploma or equivalency.
  • Two (2) years hands-on experience in the food industry, or a related field.
  • An appropriate combination of education, training, coursework and experience may qualify a candidate.
  • State Motor Vehicle Operator's License or demonstrable ability to gain access to work site(s).

Full Time/Part Time:

Full time

Union (If Applicable):

Scheduled Hours:


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