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Law Enforcement Liaison III

Law Enforcement Liaison III

locationFort Worth, TX, USA
PublishedPublished: 12/8/2023
Public Services
Full Time


Pay is determined by relevant experience, work history, education and internal equities. As part of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion practices, MHMR offers the maximum compensation for candidates based on their experience, education and internal equities of the agency. This practice removes biases in compensation and assist hires and/or promotions on pay equity in their appropriate position(s) at MHMR.

The average rate for this position is… 27.00

Job Purpose  

Tarrant County Law Enforcement Liaison Project is responsible in assisting law enforcement officers in appropriately diverting persons with mental impairments from the criminal justice system into behavioral health treatment services.  Staff provide 24-hour assistance to local law enforcement officers, as well as provide training and outreach activities.  In addition, this position facilitates and/or conducts needs assessments, eligibility screenings and access to appropriate treatment and other social services for individuals with behavioral health needs. 

Essential Functions  

As part of a team, provides 24-hour assistance to local law enforcement officers. 

Performance Requirement(s): 

Shares on-call rotation and answers calls from law enforcement officers 24-hours a day/365 days a year, including holidays. 

Assess individuals with mental health needs, by phone, and identify appropriate resources, services, and other supports for the individual involved. 

Advises the officer on and advocates for the most appropriate action to take and ensures continuity of care for the individual. 

Contact collateral, as appropriate, to gather and offer information needed to facilitate optimal outcome for involved individuals. 

Conducts in person follow-ups to determine the effectiveness of referrals and provide additional advocacy or resources if needed. 

Maintain and monitor high risk clients as they cycle through the system, including monitoring incarceration/hospitalization status and law enforcement involvement. 

Work as a hostage negotiator with police departments in need of MHMR assistance. 

8.   Conducts face-to-face consultations with law enforcement agencies to assist in assessing, diagnosing and treating those with behavioral health needs.  

Outreach and training activities which result in increased program utilization. 

Performance Requirement(s): 

Build collaborative relationships with law enforcement organizations within Tarrant County and other agencies as appropriate. 

Attend law enforcement role calls as scheduled to train officers on the benefits and use of the Law Enforcement Liaison Project. 

Conduct mental health related trainings to meet Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements at police academy training facilities as well as individual police departments. 

Attend briefings and public relations functions as needed. 

Conduct advocacy and education with community mental health providers about the program and its benefits. 

Support administrative and other program needs to facilitate program operations. 

Performance Requirement(s):

Maintain a resource list of mental health treatment and social service agencies that can serve individuals referred by the Law Enforcement Liaison Project. 

Collect and report data as directed. 

Assist Director and Program Director in maintaining statistical reports on the outcomes of police calls and consumer referrals. 

Conform to dress code standards as identified by the assigned law enforcement agency; i.e. meeting tattoo policies, clothing attire, wearing ballistic vest.  

Have at least one case to staff at monthly staff meeting. 

Must be in the community a minimum of 2 days of the week and attempt at least 10 client contacts per day (including face to face, phone or calls in progress with law enforcement agencies). 

Flex Time appropriately and keep supervisor informed of all schedule changes. 

Perform other related job duties or responsibilities as requested or required. 

Performance Requirement(s): 

Exhibit a willingness to assume additional duties and seek guidance of supervisor prior to beginning an unfamiliar assignment. 

Performance standards are performed as applicable with MHMR’s We CARE values “We Connect People in Our Community.  We Provide Access to Services.  We Link People to Resources.  We Empower People.” 

Knowledge of Laws, Regulations, Policies/Procedures, Skills, and Abilities 

Texas Mental Health Code. 

Community Bases Standards. 

Medicaid Rehab Standards. 

MHMR Tarrant Operating Procedures. 

Qualified Mental Health Professional Standards or appropriate Licensure standards. 

Demonstrated skill in developing and maintaining productive relationships with clients, family members, service providers and professional peers. 

Ability to recognize obvious and subtle bureaucratic barriers and coordination issues between service systems and to skillfully bring into play personal arbitration/conflict-resolution strategies in difficult services integration situations. 

Ability to analyze facts, devise solutions to system problems and to direct the work of others. 

Ability to work independently, organize work efficiently, and to prioritize client and workload demands. 

Ability to make constructive use of professional supervision for self and the ability to provide professional supervision to subordinates. 

Develop and deliver appropriate training to law enforcement. 

Ability to communicate effectively in both written and oral format. 

Ability to work independently and keep accurate records. 

Ability to organize work and make independent decisions. 

Ability to enhance team performance. 

Demonstrate knowledge of assessment techniques, DSM V and the Texas Mental Health Code. 

Knowledge of the principles of case interventions. High level of advocacy/arbitration/negotiation/conflict resolution skills. 

Ability to evaluate client and organizational risk in emergency situations and to coordinate intervention with legal authorities. 

Ability to think clearly under pressure and to perform effectively in high stress situations. 

Ability to work flexibly to meet workload demands. 

Internal & External Customer Servic

Extensive internal and external contact is required. The employee will demonstrate advanced written and verbal skills while maintaining a positive image of the program and agency. 


Travel may be required with use of personal vehicle, mileage reimbursement provided based upon agency operating procedures. 

Equipment Used 

Telephone, TTY, computer/tablet, calculator, fax machine, copy machine, cell phone     

Lifting up to 15#

Minimum Requirements 

Minimum Qualifications  

Minimum Education:  Master’s Degree in Social Services, Criminal Justice, Marriage and Family Therapy or Psychology. 

Defined Education:  As per minimum education requirements 

Preferences:  N/A 

Substitutions: None  

Years’ Experience: Minimum of 3 years work related experience  

Special Courses: Ability to pass extensive background check with law enforcement agency in order to access appropriate database and CJIS certification  

Defined Experience: N/A 

License/Certifications:   Licensed Professional Counselor Intern, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate, Licensed Masters Social Worker, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate 

Supervisory Experience: None   

Agency Requirements 

All staff are required to participate in agency Emergency Preparedness and Environmental Safety programs and may be assigned by their department as a key/essential staff level function during critical events or for the purpose of sustaining business continuity. 

This position may require temporary or permanent re-assignment to any MHMR Tarrant facility as determined by program needs and/or the Division/Director. 

Assigned work hours may change as the needs of the agency change. 

Prior approval from supervisor is required for all Paid Time Off (PTO) and Overtime. 

MHMR reserves the right to change, add to or eliminate positions as it deems appropriate. 

Employment is at will, as well as agency needs may change. 

MHMR Tarrant or law enforcement agency dress code is to be followed at all times. 

Physical on-site presence, including regular attendance and punctuality, is an essential function of this position. Any changes or adjustments to your assigned work schedule or shift hours must be approved by your supervisor in advance. 

Our total rewards program offers benefits* to full time employees beginning 1st of the month following hire date including but not limited to:

• Comprehensive healthcare options (Medical, Dental, and Vision)

• Life insurance and additional supplemental accident and hospitalization plans

• 401a match and 457 deferred compensation plans

• Paid vacation and holidays; varied flexible work environment locations

• Annual tuition reimbursement program

• Student Loan Forgiveness

• Professional development programs and training

• And more…..

Insurance eligibility:

• Full time employees begin 1st of the month following hire date

• Market driven positions (full time or part time) begin immediately after hire date

• Select part time market driven positions are eligible for most insurance plans

• Substitute status jobs are not eligible for benefits

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Additional Information
*MHMR of Tarrant County (“MHMR”) and its affiliates and subsidiaries have an internal recruiting department. MHMR may supplement that internal capability from time to time with assistance from temporary staffing agencies, placement services, and professional recruiters herein after referred to collectively as “Recruiters"). Recruiters are hereby specifically directed NOT to contact MHMR employees directly in an attempt to present candidates – MHMR recruiting team or other authorized MHMR personnel must present ALL candidates to hiring managers. For more information please visit our website